Artistic Street Photography Workshop in Hamburg, Germany

Did you know that there are more bridges in Hamburg than in Venice?

Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany and a great place for artistic street photography: a lot of people in the streets, inspiring backdrops and the fact that Hamburg consists of several districts, each with its own unique expression.

My Hamburg street photography workshops will take you to the locations where I have captured some of my best street images.

Typical scene from a Hamburg underground station


We will start out at 9.00 (9 a.m.) to catch the morning rush of the Hamburgers (not food). At some places, it is a myriad of people on their way to work. Our goal is to make some artistic imagery of this chaos. Sounds good to you?

We will visit differnt locations where you will learn how to spot an opportunity for a unique picture and build your own composition, including elements like:

  • create meaningful, artistic street images instead of just random pictures of strangers
  • geometrical composition, using – mostly bending – the composition rules
  • shadow and light
  • exposure and focusing


Example of a geometrical composition








The route

A lot of things can be planned ahead but not the ambient light. Therefore, I have done my homework and made a route through Hamburg, leading us to locations where my tuition programme can be performed, undependent of the light. This ensures that you get value for your money.

As you can imagine, we will be doing some structured shooting along with what might appears. If the light and street life is unexpectedly great around the next corner, we will grab this gift, be creative and capture what is to be captured. A true street photographer always keeps his mind open for every possibility to show up.

Tunnel in Hamburg. Notice that the pillars form leading lines towards the light and the subject, being the person at the end

What’s it all about?

This workshop is first and foremost about capturing artistic street photography images and the technical side of it to make it possible. It is designed to help you to achieve a higher level of photography by enabling you to detect the clever compositions that no one else sees. At selected locations, it will combine structured shooting with coaching from me.

My workshops can not be defined as simple “photowalks” and you will not be asked to photograph random people in random streets looking silly while doing nothing in particular.

How many attendees?

Only 1, preferably. You deserve my full attention, so this is a one-to-one workshop. You can bring your spouce or one friend, if you want to, at no extra cost. If you would like a 3. person to attend the workshop, the additional cost is $100  Please bear in mind that it is always the less skilled who requires the most attention.


09.00 Meeting (time and place to be agreed upon) and setting up the camera

09.10 Walking my route part 1

12.00 Lunch break (bring cash)

12.30 Walking my route part 2

14.00 Workshop finish

What to bring

  • your camera gear, as discrete as possible. A camera, preferably with a tiltable screen and something like a 24-70 mm (fullframe format equivalent) zoom lens attached is all you need. Avoid backpacks and everything else screaming “photographer” and “tourist”. We are going to blend in, not stand out.
  • good walking shoes
  • appropriate, discrete clothing
  • water bottle
  • cash for public transport, coffee and lunch break. Small change is much better than big notes.

24-70 mm on a fullframe camera is 16-45 mm on an APS-C and 12-35 on Micro Four-Thirds.

Whats’s included

  • A ½ day tuition with Brian Bjeldbak
  • Follow-up and critique after the workshop

What’s not included

  • your own drinks, refreshments, food and any public transport costs during the workshop day
  • flights and accomodation

Getting there

Accommodation is plentiful. Check out,, expedia and trivago. Budget airlines fly to Hamburg from most European airports. Trains go in and out all the time. The Autobahn A7 goes directly through Hamburg.

Any pre-purchase questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact me