image of von Bjeldbak workshop

Another Point of View

Another Point of View 1920 1280 Brian von Bjeldbak

Usually, I make sure that my subjects are off-center in the image but this image is an example of “knowing the rules and breaking them”.

My composition works because the two persons in the center are sharp and there is some balancing “weight” in both sides of the worn, blurred glass.

Shot in Aarhus Ø, Denmark.


picture of von bjeldbak photography workshop

The eye on the Beach

The eye on the Beach 1920 1440 Brian von Bjeldbak

This composition is very different to most of the other images, I create. I call it the Snail House Geometry.

The human eye is first attracted to the contrast between the sharp light inside the ring and the dark colour of the ring. From there, the eye is lead to the main motif, being the two persons inside the shape of the ring. Furthermore, the ring has a prominent size and wraps the persons, leading focus to them.

Even though the ring takes up a great part of the image, it’s unsharp. Beacause the human eye by nature searches for something sharp to focus on, attention is automatically brought the sharp persons. The sky inside the ring is lighter than the persons but since it’s undefinable and not focusable, it’s merely a contrast to the dark persons og thereby helps to define the contours.

Contradictions in an image is always good: here we have black and white. The contrast is very sharp.

The image was taken on the beach of Nr. Vorupør, Thy, a part of the coast called “Cold Hawaii” by the surfers.

von bjeldbak workshop fibonacci spiral composition

bresson cartier composition

Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider 1920 1440 Brian von Bjeldbak

A very minimalistic scene with white surfaces and a contrasty subject (the bicyclist).

At first, the human catches the brightest  point, being the stairs and the right surface towards the driving lane. Those points take up quite a bit of the entire image, which makes them a significant part of the motif, but because all leading lines lead towards the bicyclist, he gets to be the main motif.

Contradictions in an image is always good: here we have white and black. The contrast is very sharp.

The shutterspeed was 1/20 sec., which makes the bycyiclist blurry. It gives the viewer a perception of speed and also a bit of mystery, since his body, face and the contour of the bicycle itself isn’t clear.

The scene was shot in Aarhus, Denmark.

bresson cartier composition explained

OLYMPUS OM-D E‑M10 Mark II, 14-42mm II R, 1/20 f/10 @ISO200

image of leadin lines composition

Divine Light

Divine Light 1920 1440 Brian von Bjeldbak

A great scene from a metro station in Hamburg: a young couple walking down the stairs, wrapped in the natural light from above.

Image explained

The human eye always search for the brightest spot, in this particular image detecting the young couple. The escalators form the leading lines, which again lead to the young couple. The center line of the stairs also leads to the young people. There’s no way you can avoid looking at the subjects. This is what I mean when I say: “Bring your subject(s) in focus!”

Unfortunately only a  few people think of this when clicking the button. Just take a look at Instagram.

On the other hand, that’s what provides jobs for us professionals 😉

Leading lines composition explained

OLYMPUS OM-D E‑M10 Mark II, 14-42mm II R, 1/125 f/3.5 @ISO800


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